The Week That Was in Detroit Sports – Week of Nov. 9

Every friday, the Spirit of Detroit will post our favorite Detroit links from the past week.

The week started off slow, but news of possible trades involving popular Detroit Tigers blew up the blogosphere in Detroit.  Here’s a recap.

  • Bless You Boys wonders aloud (er, via typing) if the Detroit Tigers will have another chance to get J. J. Putz after losing out on the sweepstakes last year. If Rodney departs, I’m on board.
  • Rumors that Edwin Jackson is available for the right price was one thing.  But Curtis Granderson and Brandon Inge? The team would take a huge PR hit if they unload their two most popular players.
  • The Detroit Tiger Weblog sums up these last few days.
  • In other, less-exciting news, but just as potentially outlandish, the guys at Pride of Detroit suggest, by way of real stats, that Matthew Stafford mirrors Peyton Manning through their first six games. Hold your laughter. It’s true.
  • Finally, Dan Feldman of PistonPowered rails against those who think Joe Dumars wasted the Pistons’ cap space on Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva. He presents a logical argument.

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